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Working Together

Looking ahead, acknowledging the rich history that paved the way for our present, our past events reflect the passion and hard work of our team. Each occasion has been a unique journey, marked by memorable moments and valuable lessons. We carry these experiences with us, learning from challenges and building on successes as we evolve and strive for excellence in upcoming endeavors.

Past Events

2018 concert finale



9.11 Memorial Concert

After 15 years, our 9.11 Memorial Concert series comes to a conclusion. Thanks to all who participated in this meaningful journey.

Japan-U.S. Chorus Festival;


Japan-U.S. Chorus Festival

The Japan-U.S. Chorus Festival wrapped up with great success, carrying forward the incredible energy form the festivals of 2017,2013, and 2011. 

Together for Kumamoto


Together for Kumamoto with Chita

We believe Kumamoto was uplifted and cheered by remarkable performance. Big thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Together for 3.11


Together for 3.11

Let's move forward together. We will continue to convey that message to the reconstruction area.

Alcazar Sevilla


Coro HAGI from Sendai in Sevilla!

Haiku and Chorus Connecting Japan-Spain Cultural Exchange Project

新渡戸稲造博士生誕150周年記念 太平洋の橋コンサート


Pacific Bridge Concert Tour

The Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble brought solace to Iwate Prefecture.

Other Events

Japan Parde

Japan Parade in Central Park

Japan Choral Harmony

New York City Street

Virtual Chorus Collection

See Us!


Japan Forum Club

Military Academy


San Juan Forum in Sendai

Against Demolition of the San Juan!

Our Timeline

We hope it helps us comprehend the progression of human knowledge, achievements, and the development of societies over time. 

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