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About Our Cause

What We Stand For

NPO Circle Wind is committed to utilizing the enriching power of music, especially singing, to foster positive change. We actively preserve and promote cultural heritage while cultivating cross-generational networks through exchange, cooperation, and support. Our overarching objective is to contribute to building a sustainable society rooted in freedom, peace, and cross-generational networking.

2017 Concert


Founder of NPO Circle Wind

Mike Shirota

Mike Shirota is the concert director, conductor, and founder of NPO Circle Wind, dedicated to making a difference in society through music. Beyond his musical endeavors, he engages in a diverse range of activities, including supporting JFC at West Point, fostering cultural exchange with the Japonés in Spain, and participating in film production.

His multifaceted work in music, sports, film, and international events establishes an environment for dialogue and understanding among individuals from various backgrounds. Shirata remains committed to his mission of contributing to society through music by supporting NPO Circle Wind ensembles and Boys and Girls choir, and promoting music education in local communities. His approach contributes to the creation of a society where exchanges through music and culture embody respect for freedom, peace, and mutual development.


Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated team behind NPO Circle Wind. We are a group of passionate individuals committed to making a difference in our community. Together, we work tirelessly to organize fundraising events and create positive change. Get to know us below!

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