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The 5th Annual Circle Wind Memorial Concert

M Shirota

Sep 11, 2012

We Did It, Again!

A Series of Performances by The Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble in Tsunami-Stricken Iwate Prefecture

Objective: To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Inazo Nitobe, a Japanese scientist and author, by bringing comfort and inspiration through performances to residents of Iwate Prefecture still in homeless shelters due to the 3.11.2011 earthquake and tsunami. Donations will cover the Alumni Ensemble's travel and accommodations.

Background: Inazo Nitobe, born in Iwate, authored "Bushido: The Soul of Japan." Circle Wind pianist Rikako Asanuma, also from Iwate, organized benefit concerts post the 3.11 tragedy. Inspired by Mayor Futoshi Toba's call for "mental support," Asanuma invited the Alumni Ensemble to perform at shelters in Iwate.

Schedule: The Alumni Ensemble will leave New York on Nov. 21, perform in Rikuzen-Takada, Ofunato, Kamaishi, Miyako, and Omoto from Nov. 22-25, and return to New York on Nov. 26.

The Fifth concert took place at a new venue, the Kauffman Center Merkin Hall, just north of Lincoln Center. The event showcased the Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem, an organization composed of alumni from the Boys Choir of Harlem and Girls Choir of Harlem, which had a significant impact on the world throughout the 1960s and beyond. Making a special appearance was The Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble, formed by alumni from the Boys Choir of Harlem and Girls Choir of Harlem, continuing the legacy that dominated the scene for half a century in the 1960s. Japan Choral Harmony served as the host, with Ms. Nozomi Terao reprising her role as the emcee from the previous year.

Performers: Japan Choral Harmony "TOMO", Hiroshi Yamane and Sumiko Tajihi, Trio de Zunda, Men's Glee Club of New York Takaoki Otani and Rikako Asanuma, The Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble

Moderator: Nozomi Terao, Representative of NPO Happy Doll




日本の科学者で作家である新渡戸稲造 (Inazō Nitobe)の150周年を記念し、2011年3月11日の地震と津波により依然として避難所で生活する岩手県の住民に、ハーレムアルムニアンサンブルによるパフォーマンスを通じて慰めと感動をもたらすこと。寄付はアルムニアンサンブルの旅費と宿泊費に充てられます。


岩手県出身の新渡戸稲造 博士は「武士道:日本の魂」を著しました。風の環のピアニスト、浅沼理香子もまた岩手県出身で、彼女は3.11の悲劇の後、支援コンサートを企画しました。当時、岩手県陸前高田市の戸羽太市長の「精神的なサポート」への呼びかけに感銘を受け、浅沼はアルムニアンサンブルを岩手の避難所でのパフォーマンスに招待しました。



第五回のコンサートは、新たに場所をリンカーンセンターの北隣のカウフマンセンター・マーキンホールに移して開催されました。1960年代から半世紀にわたって一世を風靡したBoys Choir of Harlemと Girls Choir of Harlemの卒業生たちで組織されたThe Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensembleが特別出演。ホスト役はJapan Choral Harmony、司会は前年に引き続き寺尾のぞみさんが担当しました。

出演: Japan Choral Harmony “TOMO”, Hiroshi Yamane・Sumiko Tajihi, Trio de Zunda, Men’s Glee Club of New York, Takaoki Otani・Rikako Asanuma, The Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble

司会: NPOハッピードール代表 寺尾のぞみ



Dr. Inazo Nitobe, renowned for his contributions to peace between Japan and the U.S. and as the author of "Bushido," was born in Iwate Prefecture. In honor of the 150th anniversary of his birth, the "Pacific Bridge Concert" was organized, featuring The Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble dispatched to the disaster-stricken areas along the coast of Iwate Prefecture. The ensemble performed uplifting concerts at temporary housing communities and temples to inspire the survivors. This DVD includes the finale concert held on the last day of the tour at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Additional Information:

During the concert, the Alumni Ensemble's moving music brought hope and comfort to the people in the disaster-stricken areas. The performance, deeply rooted in the essence of Iwate Prefecture, celebrated the spirit of Dr. Inazo Nitobe. The concert will be remembered as a touching episode, conveying profound compassion to the survivors through the power of music.






出演: Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble

ゲスト: 俳人 黛まどか     

司会: NHKアナウンサー 江崎史江



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