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The 6th Annual Circle Wind Memorial Concert

M Shirota

Sep 11, 2013

Gregory Singer and his Manhattan Symphony are back !!

The Circle Wind Concert will celebrate its sixth annual concert

Time : September 11, 2013, Wednesday, 18:30 (Doors open at 18:00)

At : Kaufman Center Merkin Concert Hall 129 W. 67th Street, NYC

Ticket: $10



日時: 2013年9月11日、18:30開演(18:00開場)

場所: Kaufman Center Merkin Concert Hall, 129 W. 67th Street

Ticket: 10ドル




The video of the finale, 'Memorial Processionals'




In Ishinomaki, Japan last April, I visited a devastated elementary school where many students perished in the March 11, 2011 tsunami. The experience inspired me with a mix of sorrow and anger. These lyrics emerged as a requiem for those children while arranging a choral piece with 4 mixed voices, set to Maestro Gregory Singer's beautiful melody in Memorial Processional - Mike Shirota

私は去年の4月に津波で多くの生徒が亡くなった壊滅した小学校を訪れました。その経験は、私に悲しみと怒りの混ざった感情を与えました。これらの歌詞は、4つの混声の声で合唱曲を編曲する際に浮かび上がり、友人であるグレゴリー・シンガーの「Memorial Processional」の美しいメロディーに合わせてレクイエムとして生まれました。- 白田正樹




Gregory Singer

Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra


Maiko Souda


Koto Player 琴奏者

Masayo Ishigure



Nobuko Miyazaki

Special Guests

Barbershop Quartet "Harmonics Quartet"

From the Harmony Celebration Chorus (HCC)

HCC and JCH will represent the US at the "Second Japan-US Chorus Festival: From Fukushima to the World" at Carnegie Hall on October 19, alongside groups from the Fukushima Mother's Chorus Federation.



Concert Host

Japan Choral Harmony (JCH)


Music Director of JCH, Founder of Circle Wind Concert

Mike Shirota


Master of Ceremonies

Yoriko Minamoto

源 頼子

Memorial Processional 

Requiem for Innocent Victims of 3.11 Tsunami

Arrangement and Lyrics for Mixed Chorus by Mike Shirota

(English translation by Takako Miyazaki / Emi Shinozaki)



風よ 吹き荒れろ O let the wind blow harder

あの叫び散らせ and take their screams away

風よ 吹き荒れろ O let the wind blow stronger

あの呻き散らせ and take their groans away

幼き子の悔しさを And the sorrows of those little innocent souls

この海原に沈めよ let them slowly subside beneath the sea

雨よ 降りしきれ O let the rain keep falling

あの嘆き流せ and wash your griefs away

雨よ 降りしきれ O let the rain keep roaring

あの涙流せ and shed your tears away

残りし我が哀しみを And the sorrows of mine that were left behind

この波間に沈めよ let them slowly descend beneath the waves

雪よ 降り積もれ O let the snow keep falling

この父の肩に onto this father’s shoulders

雪よ 降り積もれ O let the snow keep swirling

この母の顔に against this mother’s face

果てしのない怒りを Set us free from this pain, ever-lasting bane

永遠(とわ)に凍らせよ keep it frozen forever beneath the sea

Ticket Agency


Direct Ticket inquiries

Ms. Aya Lamont (917-902-2212,

Mr. Mike Shirota (201-264-5825,

Merkin Concert Hall Box Office


Ticket Online

Program information

Concert inquiries

Masaki Shirota (201-264-5825,


A Moving Experience, Carnegie Hall Awaits!

Last night's concert was truly a moving experience. The stage was filled with beautiful music, and the applause and cheers from the audience seemed endless. To all the members, a sincere thank you for your hard work.

In between performances, there was a warm and congenial atmosphere, showcasing the unity and cooperation among the members. Particularly noteworthy was the dedication and passion that each of you poured into the music, undoubtedly felt by the audience.

To capture the atmosphere and emotions of the concert, I've uploaded some photos here. I hope you take a moment to view them, as they convey the shared feelings and memories of the event.

Looking ahead, we have the eagerly awaited Carnegie Concert on the horizon. Let's come together as a unified ensemble and strive for an even more remarkable performance. The anticipation for that moment when we take the stage and step towards success is truly exciting.







Photos(The 6th Memorial Concert)

Click here  to visit more photos during the concert.

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