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TOMO's Heartfelt Journey: Supporting Fukushima and Ishinomaki

M Shirota

Oct 12, 2014

A Chronicle of Hope, Harmony, and Generosity

On October 11th, the choir group "TOMO" visited Iitate Village in Fukushima Prefecture and held a mini-concert at Iitate Middle School. During this event, a donation of ¥100,000 collected from the 7th Circle Wind Concert held in New York on September 11th was handed over to the Mayor of Iitate Village. Additionally, an album of haikus composed by children from Duke Ellington Elementary School in New York for the children affected by the disaster was presented.




On October 12th, TOMO participated in a special choir festival at Fukushima City Music Hall, where they entertained the audience alongside local children and poet Madoka Maizumi. They later enjoyed a warm reception.




On October 13th, TOMO visited a local temple school in Ishinomaki, where they reunited with individuals like Mr. Ota and Mr. Kimura. During this visit, Mr. Ota also received a ¥100,000 donation. Their efforts were highlighted in the Fukushima Minpo newspaper, and on December 1st, a collection of haikus was showcased at the makeshift elementary school in Iitate Village.

This summarizes the three-day itinerary of TOMO's tour in Fukushima and Ishinomaki.






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