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The 3rd Japan-U.S. Chorus Festival

M Shirota

Sep 17, 2017

2017 Concert Now Supports Hurricane Harvey and Irma Victims

The Circle Wind Concert celebrate its 10th annual concert

Date: Sunday, September 11th, 2017

Venue: Carnegie Isaac Stern Auditorium, 57th Street + 7th Avenue, New York City

Time: Doors open at 3:30 PM, Concert begins at 4:00 PM

Ticket Price: $10

The Carnegie Isaac Stern Auditorium was filled with more than 1,500 audiences who enjoyed a variety of chorus performance by the several acclaimed groups from all over the world.



1st Stage

Coro Dabar from Coria del Rio, Spain

Coro Dabar hails from Coria del Rio, Spain, a city with a rich history intertwined with Japan. Descendants of Samurai, known as "Japons," reside in this region, fostering goodwill between Japan and Spain. Coro Dabar actively participates in rebuilding efforts following the 3.11 disaster.

2nd Stage

Japan Choral Harmony "TOMO", New York

TOMO, established in 2011, originated from the First Japan-US Chorus Festival at Carnegie Hall. They recently concluded a successful concert tour in Spain and Italy, fostering cultural exchange and support.

3rd Stage

Circle Wind Boys & Girls Choir with special guest, Kana Uemura

Formed last year, the Boys & Girls Choir explores Japanese culture through music. Renowned singer-songwriter Kana Uemura, known for her hit "Goddess of the Bathroom," joins them for a special performance.

4th Stage

Tohoku University Male Chorus

Celebrating its 66th anniversary, the Male Chorus from Tohoku University, a prestigious institution in Japan, delivers harmonious melodies with historical significance.

5th Stage

Tohoku University Mixed Chorus

Comprising over 100 members, the Mixed Chorus embodies resilience and passion in its performances, symbolizing hope and recovery post-3.11 disaster.。

6th Stage

Alexandria Harmonizers

A renowned barbershop chorus group established in 1948, the Alexandria Harmonizers captivate audiences with their vibrant sound and choreography, returning for their second participation in the Circle Wind Concert.

Special Guest


Kana Uemura

Kana Uemura is a Japanese singer-songwriter known for her emotional and heartfelt ballads. She gained widespread recognition with her song "Toilet no Kamisama" ("Goddess of the Toilet"), which was inspired by her grandmother's passing. The song became a significant hit in Japan and earned her multiple awards, including the Best Song and Best Songwriter of the Year in 2010. Kana Uemura's music often explores themes of love, loss, and the passage of time, resonating deeply with audiences across Japan.

Master of Ceremonies  

Kyoko Gasha


Renowned anchor, senior producer at Reuters, and esteemed documentary film director.

Ticket Agency


For tickets for 10th Annual Circle Wind Memorial Concert website.

Proceeds from the concert will be dedicated to supporting young survivors of the 9.11 and 3.11 disasters, facilitating their pursuit of higher education. Additionally, donations will be allocated to the JCC Fund of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York for Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief efforts.

Join us in commemorating the past and extending support to future generations through the healing power of music. Your contribution makes a difference.



Website & Newspaper




The funds raised during the recent Carnegie Concert amounted to $4,115.22. Of this total, $2,115.22 was graciously contributed to a dedicated relief fund established by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York (JCC Fund) to aid victims affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

On October 27, 2017, the donation check was personally delivered to Mr. Sato, the esteemed secretary-general of the JCC, in a gesture of solidarity and support.


Empowering Futures: Celebrating Support and Achievement

A portion of the funds from last year's 10th Circle Wind Concert at Carnegie Hall supported the "Michinoku Mirai Kikin" fund, aiding children orphaned by the disaster. A celebratory event, "Gathering of the 7th Generation and Celebration of the 3rd Generation's Inclusion," took place on April 18th at Tohoku Institute of Technology in Sendai. Mr. Shirata, from Circle Wind Concert NPO, attended.

Over 400 nationwide supporters joined, witnessing heartfelt speeches from 70 7th-generation members, and about 40 soon-to-be society entrants, expressing gratitude. The event concluded with a lively lunch, organized by the active Michinoku Mirai Kikin students, showcasing their initiative and organizational skills.



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