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The 1st Japon-Hasekura Cup Mission

The 1st Japon-Hasekura Cup Mission

M Shirota

April 1, 2019

Cobaltore Onagawa Junior Youth

The U15 children of Cobaltore, symbolic of the town of Onagawa, embarked on courtesy visits to Coria, Madrid, and Seville to take part in the 1st Hasekura Cup. This event features three teams

– Real Betis U15 from Seville, Coria CF U15 from Coria City, and Cobalt Torre Onagawa U15 – competing for the title.

Our 10-DAY Itinerary

Day 1 (March 29th): Departure from Narita

Day 2 (March 30th): Sightseeing in Madrid

  Invitation by La Liga to watch La Liga game

  Real Madrid stadium tour

Day 3 (March 31st): Arrival in Coria del Rio

  Start of homestay

  Coria city tour

Day 4 (April 1st): Visit to Real Betis.

  Stadium tour and training

  Welcome party hosted by City Hall

Day 5(April 2nd): Visit to a junior high school in Coria City. Joint physical education

  Practice game with Korea CF

Day 6 (April 3rd): Press conference at City Hall.

  Renewal ceremony of Shikura Park

  Hasekura Cup

Day 7(April 4th): Sightseeing in Sevilla

  Watch La Liga game: Alavés vs. Sevilla

Day 8 (April 5th): Return to Japan

The first Hasekura Cup was successfully held as the first project by Japon-Hasekura Supporting Association (JHSA) in 2019. It appointed 23 junior youth players of Cobaltore Onagawa as the Heisei's last Japon-Hasekura delegates to Spain for 10 days from March 29.

Onagawa was one of the most affected areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami where 827 died out of 10,014 residents. This club is a ray of hope for the town. The club's U15 team played against Real Betis U15 and CF Coria U15 for the 1st Hasekura Cup. They did home-stay at Japon's residents in Coria and refreshed their 400 year old relationship.


Day 0 (March 28th):

A banner hung proudly in the hall of the newly built government building.

Mr. Masataka, the 14th head of the Hasekura family, handed the players' representative the certificate of the last Hasekura mission in the Heisei era.

The captain of the Cobaltore Onagawa youth team declared their determination. Donning their new polo shirts, the players were fired up with fighting spirit.

President Omi of Cobaltore Onagawa greeted the delegation as their leader.

Fortune Man Dash!

In a spirited tradition to determine this year's fortunate soul, young men gather near the city hall, ready to embark on a thrilling race to the shrine atop the hill. Diverging from the customary "Yoi, don" starting call observed in neighboring towns, here, the command to begin is a urgent cry of "Run!" echoing through the air, fueled by the memory of past tsunamis.

As the countdown begins, a sense of urgency electrifies the atmosphere.

10 seconds before the start:



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