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Journey Through Spain and Italy: Tour of Spain and Italy

Journey Through Spain and Italy: Tour of Spain and Italy

M Shirota

June 20, 2017

Rediscovering Connections and Creating Memories

  • The trip serves as a cultural exchange and performance opportunity for Coro Dabar, a choir based in Coria del Rio, Sevilla, Spain.

  • It also commemorates and celebrates the historical ties between Coria del Rio and Japan, particularly the landing of a Japanese diplomatic embassy in the city in 1614.

  • The participation of Coro Dabar in the 10th Circle Wind Concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City signifies a significant milestone in the choir's artistic endeavors and showcases the rich musical heritage of Coria del Rio on an international stage.


Coro Dabar from Coria del Rio, Spain

Our 4-DAY Itinerary


Trip Summary:

The journey from New York to Coria del Rio, Spain, and onward to Rome/Civitavecchia, Italy, was an extraordinary exploration of history, culture, and personal connections. From reuniting with Hasekura Japon in Coria del Rio to encountering the historical wonders of Rome and Civitavecchia, each day was filled with unforgettable experiences and profound moments of connection to the past.


Day 1 (4/21/2017): Departure from New York to Coria del Rio

Departure from New York and arrival in Coria del Rio, Spain.

Day 2 (4/22/2017): Coria del Rio and Seville

Visit local elementary schools and interact with children in Coria del Rio.

Day trip to Seville for further exploration.

Day 3 (4/23/2017): Transfer to Rome

Transfer from Coria del Rio to Rome, Italy.

Day 4 (4/24/2017): Civitavecchia and Return Home

Day trip to Civitavecchia from Rome.

Visit the Martyrs' Church in Kimoto and meet Tsunenaga and Maria.

The breathtaking ocean at the port of Civitavecchia.

The same ocean that the delegation of Hasekura embassy saw 400 years ago!

Performance at the joint concert on Youtube


Japan Choral Harmony TOMO YouTube

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