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Bridging Cultures: The Unforgettable Journey of the 1st Reiwa Japon Embassy from Coria del Rio to Sendai

Bridging Cultures: The Unforgettable Journey of the 1st Reiwa Japon Embassy from Coria del Rio to Sendai

M Shirota

August 16, 2019

A Couple Gave A Wedding in an Authentic Shinto Style !

1st Reiwa Japon Embassy from Coria del Rio to Sendai

1. Cultural Exchange:

The delegation from Coria del Rio participated in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, visited historic temples, and engaged in cultural discussions with local Japanese residents. They also shared aspects of Spanish culture, such as flamenco dancing and Spanish cuisine, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation between the two nations.

2. Historical Significance:

During their visit to Sendai, the delegation paid homage to Hasekura Tsunenaga's gravesite and explored historical landmarks associated with his diplomatic missions. By learning about Hasekura's role in facilitating early contacts between Spain and Japan, the delegation deepened their understanding of the historical ties between the two countries.

3. Wedding Ceremony:

Juan Carlos Japon and Yolanda Mellado chose to have their wedding ceremony conducted in a traditional Shinto style at a renowned wedding hall in Sendai. By incorporating Japanese customs and rituals into their celebration, the couple demonstrated their respect for Japanese culture and their desire to honor it on their special day.

4. Youth Exchange:

The reunion between the delegation and youth members of Cobaltore Onagawa involved friendly soccer matches, cultural performances, and shared experiences. Through these interactions, young people from both countries forged friendships and gained insights into each other's cultures, laying the foundation for future exchanges and collaborations.

5. Official Support:

The visit received support from organizations such as the NPO 9.11 Circle Wind Memorial Concert and the Japon Hasekura Supporting Association.


A Couple Gave A Wedding in an Authentic Shinto Style !

A delegation of 22 Japon-sans came to Japan from Coria del Rio, Spain and visited Sendai area from August 5 to August 10. It is their first visit to Japan for all the members except Juan Francisco Japon, President of Japon-Hasekura Association in Spain who had been there 4 times already, They visited Hasekura's graves in Sendai, Kawasaki-machi and Oosato-machi one by one in the sweltering hot weather of dead summer in Japan. They enjoyed the fireworks on the Tanabata well as the famous Tanabata (star festival) in Sendai. Also, they visited Zuihoden, a mausoleum of Date Masamune, where they met Mr. Yasumune Date, the 18th head of Date family. They also visited Department of Literature of Tohoku University to discuss so-called Hasekura League to be developed among and between Hasekura-related cities such as Coria del Rio, Civitavecchia, Acapulco, Havana, and several Japanese cities or towns, including Sendai, Kawasaki, Osata, Yonezawa and Onagawa.

The highlight of the tour was the wedding by Juan Carlos Japon and Yolanda Mellado which was carried out in a typical Shinto style at the outside Noh-stagel of Shozankan, one of the most prestigious and classic wedding hall in Japan. It had been a long dream for the couple that the wedding ceremony be conducted in Japan in a typical Japanese style.

In Onagawa, they met the youth members of Cobaltore Onagawa, that was an emotional reunion since the young soccer players flew to Coria del Rio to participate the 1st Hasekura Cup fought among the youth teams, The Real Betis, Coria FC and Cobaltore Onagawa. They really had a good time by singing and dancing Sevilliana, traditional style of flamenco over eating and drinking.

The tour is officially supported by NPO 9.11 Circle Wind Memorial Concert and Japon Hasekura Supporting Association.


Coro HAGI, Coro TOMO along with all Japon sans singin Hanawa Saku together at the stage of wedding hall of The Shouzankan.


Japon sans were overwelmingly welcomed by Kawasaki people. Tsunenaga grew up in Kawasaki during his youth period. There exists his grave where Japon sans all climbed up to pray.


In front of one of the buildings of Dept. of Literature, Tohoku University. Japon-sans have discussed the possibility of firming up the relationship with the prestigious university for creating HASEKURA LEAGUE among and between the cities related to Hasekura Tsunenaga.


With the bride and groom near Date Masamune;s armor in The Sendai Museum.


First experience of Karaoke !

Dynamic, sensational and powerful youngsters of Japon girls. They seem to have been inspired by the Japanese cultures, traditions, life styles, behavior and mentality encountering one after another just like a bolt out of the blue during their sty in Japan.


KHB announcer, Ms. Itoi, also enjoyed flamenco dance. She seems to have a good sense.


The last night of their trip ended up with a ball of flamenco as expected very much.

Everyone kept dancing as if he/she were a professional dancer.


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