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Circle Wind Scholarship in Sendai


June, 25th 2023


Sendai, Japan

The NPO Circle Wind Scholarship is a special initiative designed to nurture and support young musical talents in Sendai. Established in collaboration between Niji no Sakana Production and the American non-profit organization 9.11 Wind Circle Memorial Concert, the project has received generous sponsorship from the Osaka International Music Competition. This scholarship project focuses on providing financial support to students in Sendai who have a passion for music. Specifically, it covers participation costs for international music competitions for students ranging from elementary to high school. The primary goal of the NPO Circle Wind Scholarship is to offer talented young musicians in Sendai the opportunity to showcase their skills on the global stage, fostering their growth and development in the world of music. Through this initiative, NPO Circle Wind aims to contribute to the music world by nurturing the next generation of musical artists in Sendai.

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