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Circle Wind Memorial Concert Scholarship in Osaka

Project Type

OSAKA International Music Competition 24th Special Prize


Augst 2023

The Circle Wind Scholarship, spearheaded by NPO Circle Wind, is a endeavor dedicated to nurturing and supporting young musical talents participating in the prestigious Osaka International Music Competition. In partnership with the Osaka International Music Competition and with the generous sponsorship from Circle Wind, this scholarship project is designed to extend financial support to students with a deep passion for music. Notably, it covers participation costs for the international competition, embracing musicians of all ages.

Our primary goal with the Circle Wind Scholarship is to create a platform where gifted young musicians can shine on the global stage, regardless of their age. By providing these opportunities, we aim to foster their growth and development in the enchanting world of music, all within the inspiring context of the Osaka International Music Competition. Through this initiative, Circle Wind aspires to make a positive impact on the music world by nurturing and uplifting the next generation of musical artists who partake in the Osaka International Music Competition.

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